What is MyAbilities

An AI-driven workplace health, safety and data analytics platform for advanced ergonomics, injury prevention and effective return to work throughout the employee lifecycle.

What We Do

MyAbilities is a technology company focused on preventing and resolving workplace injuries. We leverage Artificial Intelligence (AI) and advanced ergonomics analytics to proactively identify and mitigate risk for all types of employers and their employees. When injuries or disability occurs, we deliver improved outcomes through our connected ecosystem – bridging the communication gaps between employers, payers and healthcare providers; aligning workers with patient-centric care to speed recovery and ensure effective return to the workplace. MyAbilities is the world’s first truly connected platform, serving the needs of employers, insurers and workers.

We are changing the world of human asset management with advanced technology solutions for a safer, healthier and more efficient work environment.

What Motivates Us

The world is changing fast… really fast.

Cars drive themselves; groceries reach your doorstep by drone; 3D-printed human organs are here. The fact is that the speed of technology is continuously accelerating and it will continue to redefine things we took for granted for so long.

Where some see a challenge, we see an opportunity. An opportunity to forever change the way employers manage their workforce. For us, it means shaking up the old ways of how ergonomics is delivered, how employees are hired and trained and how they are managed post injury. We do this because we want to ensure the safest, most efficient and productive work environment possible. MyAbilities will completely transform the way employers assess their work environment, manage their workforce and manage the risk of injury or illness.

This is a true human asset management revolution.

Current Career Opportunities

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